Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Offshore Logistics shall meet all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and industry standards that are applicable to our business activities. This entails that we have established, follow and update a quality management system.

The results of our quality control shall be documented.

Offshore Logistics shall actively seek to define customer expectations and implement plans to meet expectations.

Offshore Logistics management is committed to run the company to achieve a long-term sound financial performance. Important building blocks in this regard are recruitment, training, HSE awareness and lessons learned sessions.    

Quality Objectives

The objectives of the Quality Management System is to:

  • Meet customer expectations
  • Be predictable with regard to deliverables and performance
  • Support the customer’s value chain
  • Avoid rework

Quality entails compliance with specifications provided by the customer and regulatory bodies and can be measured through customer satisfaction surveys. Specifications that are relevant for Offshore Logistics include:

  • Job descriptions
  • Formal certification requirements from customer
  • Mandatory national regulations
  • Internal system/skill requirements

A main quality objective for Offshore Logistics is that the company shall be profitable. Offshore Logistics shall be a customer oriented organization and strives to be recognized as a leading supplier of services by customers, competitors and potential recruits.

Offshore Logistics Quality Management System has been established to ensure that we meet these objectives.

Quality is a management responsibility. In order to engage and empower all employees in quality issues Offshore Logistics has established:

  • Clear personnel agreements defining roles and responsibilities
  • Regular performance reviews
  • Training opportunities to enhance individual skills
  • Lessons learned sessions
  • Social gatherings to improve staff relations

Management performs reviews and audits in accordance with the Annual Plan. The reviews evaluate the performance and adequacy of the quality management system and define any changes that are needed to improve the system including the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives. In addition procedures shall be reviewed and revised as needed following organizational developments or changes in relevant standards.